Manglik Dosha

In Hindu astrology, the Manglik Dosha is a school of thought that is popular in India. When it comes to Vedic astrology, this is one of the doshas with the worst image. It’s also called “Angarakha,” “Bhom,” and “Kuja” Dosha. Men and women can both be harmed. Many Hindus don’t understand what this really means, but the term “Manglik Dosha” is pretty easy to understand. People whose birthday comes under the sign of Mars (Mangal) are said to have bad luck their whole lives and have their wedding pushed back. There is also a good chance that he or she will end up married to someone who doesn’t have this Dosha. This is because someone with this Dosha tends to be violent and unstable. Astrologers say that Mars is the cruellest planet, and having Mangal Dosha makes a person’s attitude very bad.
The Hindus whose birth charts have the Manglik Dosha are responsible for directing Mars’ energy to the right places so that there is less chance of strife. Simply by using some simple treatments, they can lessen the bad effects in their own lives, even before they get married.
People worship the Hindu god Ganesha because he can remove problems and bring good luck to those who please him. To honour Lord Ganesha, you should say the phrase “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” 108 times and offer him jaggery or red flowers.
If a person is healthy enough, they can give blood every three weeks on Tuesdays.As soon as the service is over, the marriage is ruled invalid. That person can do this by breaking the pot, cutting down the tree, or putting the figure in water. After that, the person can marry someone who is not a Manglik and live a normal life with their new partner.
The person in question should say prayers like the Hanuman Chalisa, the Gayatri Mantra, and the Mangal Chandika Stotra every day. Another good thing to do is chant the Navgraha phrase. This phrase will bring back the Mangal that you lost.
Placement on Mars A person is said to have Mangalik Dosha in Indian astrology if the planet Mars is in one of the following places in their birth chart:


  • Inside the second family.
  • At the fourth house floor.
  • Inside the seventh house.
  • Inside the eighth house.
  • In the 12th house.


Dosha Not Enough In Virgo
Manglik dosha check This happens when Mars is in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of the Natal Chart, the Moon Chart, or the Venus Chart. Someone’s life might be full of all sorts of problems.
If Mars is in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house of any of these three charts—the Natal Chart, the Moon Chart, or the Venus Chart—it is called a “Low Manglik Dosha” or a “Partial Manglik Dosha.” Manglik dosha check These houses stand for the first, second, seventh, eighth, and twelfth signs, in that order. According to the thoughts of several experts, it might not work after age 28.
It is important to remember that Manglik Dosha is taken seriously by some people and families, but not all astrology or belief systems agree with it or support it. It’s important to remember this. Astrology is a belief system in the broadest sense, and its meaning and understanding change depending on the person and the culture where it is practised. So, whether or not someone believes in Manglik Dosha depends on their own beliefs as well as the traditions of their group. When figuring out if two people are compatible and what will happen in their lives, many modern astrologers may have different ideas about how important they think different things are.

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